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5 fun-filled bonfire night activities

Remember, remember the fifth of November… Bonfire night is just so fun! Cold nights, mushy peas, sparklers and fireworks…bring it on! This year, I decided I wanted to do some bonfire night themed activities with Stanley and it was literally SO much fun! Here’s what we got up to… 1. Bonfire hand painting This was one that definitely didn’t look …

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5 Halloween activities you can do at home

1. Pumpkin drawings Super easy! Cut out some pumpkin shapes on card and only give your little person orange, red and yellow coloured crayons. Let them create their masterpiece then draw a pumpkin face on top with black crayon (unless they’re a bit older and want to do it themselves) and voila! 2. No bake Halloween treats Super easy, tasty …

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Pumpkin picking photo diary

Is it even Autumn if you don’t go pumpkin picking?! I mean I think it’s impossible not to if you’re an insta-mum or blogger surely?! This year I was super excited to go because Stanley’s so active and loves to explore. As much as I enjoyed going last year, he was so tiny it probably was a bit pointless – …

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Autumn books for toddlers

Autumn reading list for my 18 month old… Stanley absolutely loves ‘reading’ his books and it’s a habit I really want to encourage more and more as he gets older. I thought it would be a fun idea to do a little mini autumn/Halloween book collection for him. It means new fun books and also learning some new things! Autumn …

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Coping with teething

Teething. What. A. Bloody. Nightmare. Does it not make you feel totally useless?! Well, I’m not an expert (clearly lol) and I have lost my marbles in the middle of a teething related tantrum more than once!! But…here’s a few tips that I’ve learnt in the last year or so and that seem to have helped (even if only temporarily….) …

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Toddler play time – my one year olds favourites

Stanley is at a great age at the moment, where he is happy to play on his own (most of the time). He will happily wonder round pushing his cars, or banging instruments or playing with lift the flap books. Here’s a list of his current favourite things to play with at home! Igloo Peek-a-boo books He will sit and …

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Messy play ideas for toddlers - mudParenting, Toddler life

10 Messy Play Ideas You Can Do At Home…

Messy play is a great way to get your little one experiencing new textures and learn to explore new things. I absolutely love taking Stanley to messy play and he always has a great time. But, as fun as it is, sometimes the classes are expensive and getting up and out the house seems like hard work – especially if …

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