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Dealing with the mum-guilt monster

What is mum-guilt? It’s a difficult subject, but something that takes over your life a little bit when you become a mum. I’d always heard people discuss it, but until you become a mum I don’t think you understand the extent it can really seep into so many aspects of your life. As a young(ish) first time mum, I’ve struggled …

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10 signs you live with a toddler

10 signs you know you’re living with a toddler… It can’t be denied that toddlers take over your life. And your home. Everywhere you look are signs that they’ve been there. Here’s 10 signs that make it all too clear that you’ve got a little human living in your midst…ya know, just in case you didn’t notice them, ha! 1. …

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Working mum life: a new chapter

Becoming a working mum… So I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind week or 2! One minute I was a stay at home mum and the next I was contemplating full time working mum life! On Friday 7th July, I received a phone call from an agency saying that they’d found my CV online. They told me they had a …

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5 most annoying toddler tv shows

Toddler TV. We all know the debate about not letting them watch too much. But, sometimes letting the box on the wall do a bit of parenting is a lifesaver, I’m not going to lie! But some of these shows are enough to make me want to bang my head against a wall. Here’s the 5 CBeebies shows I find …

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Iced-coffee: how to make your own at home!

Iced-coffee keeping me awake through summer… Well the weather recently has been amazing! I’m loving it (minus the horrendous hay fever!) I LOVE my coffee, in fact as a mum it’s often the only way I make it through my day! But when it’s this hot, I tend to sway more towards cold drinks. I love an iced-coffee as a …

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Accepting my post-partum body

My search for post-partum body confidence… Pregnancy is a huge deal. Physically and mentally. The mental side of being pregnant and giving birth and suddenly being a mum is a whole other story. But the physical changes to your post-partum body that you have to deal with when you have a baby are insane, and something that I was 100% …

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My current make-up bag staples

My everyday make-up essentials… Mum life often means that I don’t have time to focus fully on my make-up routine in the morning. Doing my make-up at my dressing table actually means wrestling my make-up brushes out of my toddlers hands and trying (and failing) to stop him from dragging his fingernails through my highlighter palettes!!   But, here’s my …

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