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Hi, thanks for stopping by and joining me on my crazy journey through motherhood!

I’m Georgia, I’m 24 years old and I have a masters degree in Law and Professional Practice. My dream is to one day become a family lawyer!

Mother and son blog about me

Not long after I finished my exams and studies, I fell pregnant unexpectedly with my gorgeous little boy Stanley. I was suddenly thrown into motherhood and it was (and still is) an absolute whirlwind but I have loved every minute of being his mummy!

My favourite thing is to be outdoors and going for a nice walk. My love for outside definitely seems to have been passed onto Stanley – he is definitely at his happiest when we are out and about exploring! This is getting even more fun now Stanley is a toddler and can actually run around and explore everything fully. I spend most of my days chasing him around now, he definitely keeps me on my toes! In fact, you’ll usually find me either chasing him, scrolling through Instagram or hunting down a coffee – which I’ll no doubt end up drinking when it’s cold (ya know…mum life!)

I started this blog as I love writing and thought it would be a great little hobby to focus on, as well as being a kind of journal of mine and Stanley’s journey! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy creating it – if you do please subscribe! And don’t forget to give us a follow over on Instagram and Facebook too, if you aren’t already!!

If you’ve just stumbled upon my page – here’s my first post about why I started blogging! Or why not check out what my favourite things about Stanley are at his current toddler stage! I’m also a co host for #fivethingslinky – go check it out I’d love you to join in!

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