Ways To Make Moving To A Smaller Place Easier

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When it comes to moving house, most people are looking to upgrade and move to something bigger each time they buy and sell or even rent a place, but the thing is: bigger doesn’t always mean better, and it certainly shouldn’t mean an upgrade because there are various factors that go into determining what a good house is – and it’s completely personal to each individual.

There are also various reasons that you may decide to get a smaller place than the one you currently have – it could be a choice you’ve made on your own because you simply prefer it, or it could be due to circumstances that make a smaller place more practical for you at this time, such as financial reasons or simply not needing as much space as you currently have.

No matter what the reason for needing or wanting to move to smaller place, there’s no right or wrong, and there’s certainly good and bad sides to both bigger and smaller places.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some of the ways you can make moving to a smaller place a bit easier if that’s the option you’re going for right now.


The art of decluttering can actually be life changing, and many books have been written to show the positive effects that it can have on your environment, mood, energy, and even health. Plus, let’s be honest – it just feels better when things are clean and tidy and not lying around everywhere. If you’re moving to a smaller place and haven’t yet gotten around to having a good clear out of old stuff you no longer need or want, then now is one of the best times to go ahead and do that. Not only will it mean less stress on moving day when you don’t have to bring as much stuff with you, but you’ll be bringing a fresh energy to your new place instead of a cluttered and messy one.

Arrange storage:

If you simply can’t get rid of some things right now, but also can’t bring them with you, then a good option is to put them into storage. The great thing about storage is, that it’s not only affordable, but you know the stuff is going to be safe and you can access it anytime you need to, so if you later want to sell any items or move them if you decide to go for a bigger place again, then it’s easy to do so and you can keep them in storage for as long as you require. Many companies offer flexible storage for personal items, such as Now Storage, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re not able to take certain things with you right now.

Look on the plus side:

Just like with a bigger place, there are many benefits to having a smaller place, such as it’s so much easier to keep clean and tidy – much quicker, too. It will feel cozy, and likely be a good bit cheaper to run than a bigger place. If you’re not moving to a smaller place by choice, then it helps to maintain some positive perspective around your new place.

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