Undergoing a large renovation – health tips for you and your family

Undergoing A Large Renovation – Health Tips For You & Family


From time to time, we might feel it’s appropriate to renovate our homes. This might be a complete redecoration from top to bottom, and extension, or an even larger construction project. If you can afford this, you might find your house value rocketing upwards, and you could be left with a home perfect for your needs. However, just like any form of construction, you need to be aware of the health effects associated with this entire process. There are a few methods you must take heed of if you hope to ensure this process is carried out effectively, giving you the tools to truly ensure your plans take place without affecting you in a negative sense.

For that and more, we recommend you consider the following advice:

Moving Out Temporarily

It can sometimes be that moving out temporarily can help you avoid the security concerns raised with a construction project. While knocking down external walls and other home implements can be protected against through the use of privacy fencing, sometimes you may wish to simply be on the safe side and move to a hotel or a family members home for a few weeks. It could also be that if you have small children, the dust created by a construction project in your own home is less than ideal, and thus you might decide to prevent potential respiratory issues from occurring by following the same steps.


Self-storage can be essential and necessary when constructing a new area of your home, or renovating a current place. Dust, debris and other forms of side-consequences regarding a large project can sometimes damage your assets, and thus bringing them to a protected environment such as those offered by could be your best bet. Be sure to pay as much attention to the safe transportation of these items as you would hope them to be cared for in the storage unit, as there’s no point in moving an item if you accidentally damage it in transit due to inattention.


Construction projects can be loud, bothersome, and sometimes go on for months. This can prove quite annoying to your neighbors. You might think them heartless, but remember, they aren’t benefiting from this extension or change at all, but are having to deal with the pollution it can cause. While most neighbors will understand and it’s perfectly your right to go through this process no matter what they say, securing a little goodwill by forewarning and perhaps purchasing a bottle of wine for those either side of you can be a good way to keep the neighbors happy. Of course, you must also adapt to the legal imperative of displaying your intent for construction through displaying planning permission at the front of your property for some time. This way, those who have actual tangible reasons against the construction will have time to voice them to the authority, as is their legal right.

With these simple tips, undergoing a large renovation is sure to be conducted in the healthiest manner possible. We wish you good luck on this journey.

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