The extra work that goes into maintaining a rural home

There’s a lot of extra work that goes into maintaining a rural home, so if you’ve been thinking of moving to a more rural area, you need to give this some thought and consider what it might mean for you. You don’t want to rush into something and then end up having regrets about it later. So we’re going to look into some of the things that are different about maintaining a rural property.

That’s not to say that living in a rural area is nothing but hard work because it’s great for many people who want to escape the endlessly busy city. It’s worth being aware of some of the things that might be different about your living experience though, and that’s what we aim to help you with. Read on now to find out everything you need to know about maintaining rural home.

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Creating Adequate Drainage

Drainage is a major issue when you’re in a rural environment. These homes are often old, and you have to be careful to ensure the water drainage system is in good enough shape to deal with the demands that will be placed on it. You might experience a lot of rain and adverse weather. If this leads to water standing on the ground outside your home, it could eventually cause damp and mold issues in your bedroom before going on to cause problems throughout your home.

Making Sure the Insulation is Sufficient

Insulation is a vital part of any home, but when you’re living in an old rural home, it’s even more important. Old homes don’t tend to be very efficient when it comes to retaining heat and that’s obviously a pretty big problem in the winter months when it gets really cold. And because rural homes tend to be more isolated and less protected from the elements, heat retention is really important. So you need to find ways to properly insulate your rural home. Otherwise, you’ll spend a small fortune keeping it warm during winter.

Contending With Pests

Out in the countryside, there are all kinds of pests that can start causing you problems and making your home a nightmare to deal with. You could experience owls and other birds nesting in the attic if there are gaps in your roof. And just about every small mammal or inspect will take the opportunity to use your property for shelter if they can do it without getting noticed. It’s not fun to deal with pest problems in a rural home, so you’ll need to rely on the experts for help.

Retaining Period Features

There is always a conflict in your mind between wanting to make the home modern and able to meet all of your modern needs and the desire to keep the period features in place. No one wants to rob their property of the old-timey touches that make it feel special and full of character. Those period features make the home stand out, and if you ever want to sell it in the future, it will certainly help if they’re still in place. Keeping them there requires care and attention though.

Maintaining the Roof

Another thing you’ll have to work hard to retain and maintain is the roof. If it’s an old roof with original roof tiles in place, replacing them can be tough when they break off or get damaged. You need to ensure the new tiles match the existing ones so the whole roof feels true to how it was originally designed. You should also take care to ensure leaks don’t occur. It might be worth hiring a roofing expert to fix any of the minor problems that might lead to that.

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Establishing and Maintaining the Fence Lines

Fence lines are a big deal in rural areas, even if you might not realise this living in the city. People care about their land and they’re serious about making sure that it’s clearly demarcated. That’s why it’s so important for you to establish and then maintain your fence lines in the correct positions. That way, you will also always know exactly how much land is your responsibility in terms of maintaining and looking after it properly throughout the year.

Making Sure You Always Have the Right Heating Resources

Heating your home can be a challenge because you might have to use oil to power your heating generator. That means also having the right bunded oil tanks in place on your land. If you’re in a location that’s likely to get very cold, it’s only right to ensure you have the proper resources in place to deal with every eventuality. It means having to be more careful and have more backup options in place that you might typically have living in somewhere less rural.

Keeping the Grass, Trees and Shrubs Under Control

If you can’t keep your land under your control and looking healthy, it will make your entire property look messy. But there is obviously a lot of work that has to go into maintaining large amounts of land. If you’re not up to the task and you don’t really know what you’re doing with that sort of thing, it might make sense to hire a professional gardener who can take care of all of it for you.

Ensuring Trespassing Doesn’t Become a Problem

If you do have a lot of land that’s yours, as many rural properties do, you will have to make sure that trespassing doesn’t become a problem. When people see open land, they can easily forget that it actually belongs to someone and that’s not ideal for landowners like yourself. It might be necessary for you to put up signs and make it clear to anyone who might be passing through the area that your land is private and belongs to you.

Living out in the country can be very peaceful and relaxing in many ways, so it might be the way of life that you’re looking for. But just be aware that maintaining your home when you live in a rural area can be more hard work than in a town or city, so you’ll have to be ready for that.

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