Genuine ways to earn extra cash as a stay at home mum

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There are many reasons you might want to earn extra cash as a stay at home mum, and just because you’re home with your child or children all day doesn’t mean that you can’t make time for the other things you enjoy – sometimes this just happens to be starting a business or making some cash from a hobby that you have.

Unfortunately, the whole idea of making money from home has gotten a bit of a bad rap over the years because there are so many scams and get-rich-quick schemes out there that many people have fallen victim to.

However, the good news is: for every shady opportunity out there, there’s many more genuine ones if you know where to look and what to avoid.

So, in this post, we’re sharing with you some of our top genuine ways to earn extra cash as a stay at home mum.


Freelancing is still one of the best ways to earn cash online from home and really is so simple to set up since you don’t need any fancy software or business loans to get started – you can simply start with your laptop or phone and find clients who you know would be interested in your services. As a freelancer, you can pretty much offer any service, such as graphic design where you would work on websites for clients like NST, or even where you could design things like wedding invitations or stationery. You could also do something like copywriting where you would write the text and content for websites and marketing materials. However, these are both just ideas and you can virtually do anything as a freelancer.


If there’s a specific topic you’re interested in, then you could easily start a blog around this that would allow you to make extra cash from home in your spare time. You can blog on a schedule that works for you so if you only have a few hours a week to spare or an hour during naptime, then blogging can actually be the perfect way to make some extra cash online from home if you’re a stay at home mum.

Virtual Assistant (VA):

If you’re good at things like admin, sending emails, managing calendars and just overall being organized, then a good way for you to make some extra money from home could be from offering your services as a virtual assistant to other business owners who really don’t excel in these specific areas.


If you’ve ever wanted to run your own product based or retail business, but don’t have the space for inventory or want to spend lots of money upfront on stock that may or may not sell, then dropshipping could be perfect for you. How it works is by identifying a wholesale retailer who will ship the products to your customers after the sale is made, which means that you make money on the sale, have very low overheads since you’re not paying for shipping, and you also don’t have to stock anything.

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