3 simple ways to boost your savings

With all of life’s twists and turns, it’s not always easy to save the kind of money we had in mind. Sure, when you sat down and mapped out a budget, it seemed like you should have been able to put aside quite a bit – but the reality is, unfortunately, a bit different.

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You can still boost your savings account a bit before the festive season, though, as long as you remember to keep an eagle eye on your spendings. Here is a handful of tips to make it a bit easier for you to not only put aside what you want but even have more money to spend for Christmas.

That way, you won’t feel too deprived when you’re turning on the slow cooker and denying yourself that takeaway in the middle of the week.

#1 Look for reward programs

Your local grocery shop is probably very happy that you continue to do your weekly or monthly shopping there and they might be able to offer you a reward program. These programs tend to vary, though, and you can’t expect it to pay you back too much but every little helps, as they say.

This is especially true if you’ve been loyal to the same grocery shop for a while now as they should step up a bit in order to keep you as a customer. Have a look at their website, for example, to see if you qualify or if you can simply register – and don’t forget to bring your reward card with you when doing that shopping.

#2 Cut down on your expenses

While this is a very common tip, cutting down on expenses isn’t always as easy as one might think. We have bills to pay, after all, mouths to feed and households to run so how are we supposed to be living for less? 

Have a look at your budget and try to pinpoint where you’re spending more money. For most of us, this is going to be accommodation, vehicle, and food – so you should see if you’re able to cut down on this slightly. 

You might want to find a more affordable car, for example, by having a look at Vauxhall Dealership in order to find one that costs you a bit less in terms of insurance and maintenance. Your grocery shopping can definitely also be a bit more affordable as long as you stick to the shop’s own brand and cook as much as possible at home.

Learn to shop in bulk, use your freezer, and turn on the slow cooker a bit more often to save money on electricity as well. 

#3 Boost your income

Finally, one of the best ways to have a bit more money to set aside for the holidays is, of course, to make more money. This can easily be done as a once-off thing, though, instead of taking up a part-time job you hardly have time for. Sell some of the things you’re not using online, for example, or just ask your boss if you can do a few more shifts. 

If you manage to pull all of this off in a couple of weeks, you should have quite a bit more money to save and spend than you had last year.

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