Things You Need to Think About When Buying a New Computer System

If you are planning on buying a computer then you will have several things to think about. After all, you have to think about how you are going to pay for it, whether you want a desktop or a laptop and even the storage as well. If you are not careful then all of this can quickly become overwhelming so it helps to do your research beforehand.

Mac or Computer?

If you have never used an Apple Mac before then now is the best time for you to do that. Mac can be expensive but they usually come with a much easier operating system. On top of this, they don’t seem to be as prone to viruses when compared to a PC. They come with the latest technology and updating them is very easy as well. If you cannot afford a Mac, then a PC is still a very good option and you should have absolutely no problems in finding one suitable for your needs.

The Microprocessor

You really want to make sure that you aren’t getting a new computer with a super outdated

microprocessor. The best way for you to do this would be for you to look at the cores and the speed. If you’re only going to be using your laptop for emailing or general browsing then you shouldn’t need something too fast. Multiple-core computers make it easy for you to run a lot of different programs at the same time. This will add to the price tag, so you have to work out if it is going to be worth spending the extra money.


The amount of storage you need will really depend on what files you are dealing with. If you plan on storing photos then this will require way more storage when compared to someone who is just writing essays or saving documents. Music tends to take up the most space on a system so if you like to record or even save music then this is another consideration that you need to think about.

Printing Capabilities

Do you hate wires? If so then it may be worth making sure that you’re able to connect everything via Bluetooth. A lot of companies do package deals where you can get a printer and even printer ink cartridges to go with your PC and this can be a great way to get everything you need in one purchase. This is ideal if you want to have everything connected up at once and it saves you money having to buy a printer for every room in the house.


If you are getting a laptop then you don’t have to worry about getting a keyboard, a mouse or anything else of the sort. A desktop PC however will come with additional expenses. That being said, you can probably get a good desktop PC with everything you need for a cheaper price than a laptop. If you want to be able to take your system to work or even on holiday, then a desktop is out of the question, and a laptop would be much more suited to your needs.


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