Luminarium adventure

Last weekend, me and Stanley went on a new adventure and I still can’t believe how amazing it actually was.

I just happened to see signs on the tram stops for a Luminarium arriving near us. I had no bloody clue what the word even meant so I obviously whipped my phone out and had a google.

I was surprised to read that it was a touring event created by Nottingham based architects.

A Luminarium is essentially an air locked sculpture that you experience by walking inside it. Daylight is used to create amazing light features inside.


The day me and Stanley went it was really dull, super cloudy and raining – I was worried it would be a let down. Tickets were cheap but I still wanted to get the proper experience.

Well – I couldn’t believe how bright it was compared to being outside.

The architects of air tour all over the world and have a variety of different Luminariums to show. The one that was in Nottingham was called Katena.

The architects of air website states that the name comes from the ‘catenary curve – the shape of a chain suspended between 2 points. Similar shapes are also seen in nature – like the curve of the filament of a spiders web when laden with dew.’

Luminarium tunnels

The structure is air locked so you have to come all the way in and let them the close the fabric ‘door’ behind you before moving into the main structure. As soon as you walk in the eerie, magical feeling hits.

Luminarium Nottingham visit

Luminarium tunnels toddler

Luminarium ceiling

Stanley was loving it before we even got into the main bit as they had a little sneak peek of what was to come.

You go in with no shoes to protect the structure as it’s literally like bouncy castle material! It honestly blew my mind when I saw it all.

Luminarium toddler visit

Apparently they come to Nottingham in May too and I will 100% be going again, hopefully a different Luminarium will come but even if it’s the same one I’d go again!

I would definitely recommend you guys googling architects of air Luminarium to see if they visit anywhere near you it’s 100% worth the visit!

Stanley was gobsmacked by the lights and didn’t know which tunnel to run in first – everywhere he looked was more light and more surreal sights.

A very different way to spend Saturday afternoon, and I’m so glad I just happened to spot the signs and check it out!!

Have you ever been to a Luminarium? I’d love to know what you thought if you have!!

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  1. I would LOVE to go to one of these! It’s a shame I heard about it so late as I would have definitely travelled to Nottingham for it. It looks so cool!

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