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5 Halloween activities you can do at home

1. Pumpkin drawings

Super easy! Cut out some pumpkin shapes on card and only give your little person orange, red and yellow coloured crayons. Let them create their masterpiece then draw a pumpkin face on top with black crayon (unless they’re a bit older and want to do it themselves) and voila!

Halloween activities pumpkin colouring

2. No bake Halloween treats

Super easy, tasty Halloween treats that don’t involve any actual baking! I did a guest post for the lovely Laura at Em and Me on how to make some fab Halloween themed treats – go check it out!!

3. Halloween sensory play

Another easy one seeing as Poundland has everything you could possibly need! I got some Halloween tinsel, some cobweb with spiders, plastic skeletons, light up squashy toys and some eyeball bouncy balls (under serious supervision and they were binned about 5 minutes later cos I couldn’t take the stress, hahaha). But he had great fun – especially trying to get the spiders out of the cobweb!

Halloween activity sensory play

4. Potato painting

Cutting a potato into a simple pumpkin shape is relatively easy to do and you have a great stamp to create some more masterpieces!

5. Pumpkin carving

Obviously Stanley couldn’t actually do the carving part but he did help me scoop all the stuff out the middle! He enjoyed it for about 2 minutes then lost his s**t and put his hand in front of me face saying gross and dirty, pahaha!

Halloween activity pumpkin carving

So there you have it! 5 super simple, last minute Halloween fun activities you can do at home! Happy Halloween everyone!!

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