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Pumpkin picking photo diary

Is it even Autumn if you don’t go pumpkin picking?! I mean I think it’s impossible not to if you’re an insta-mum or blogger surely?!

This year I was super excited to go because Stanley’s so active and loves to explore. As much as I enjoyed going last year, he was so tiny it probably was a bit pointless – but the pictures were hella cute!

Pumpkin picking baby

Pumpkin picking baby

This year I knew it wouldn’t be so simple getting pictures of him just sitting there surrounded by pumpkins – but it was so fun this time! He loved walking through the pumpkin patch and lifting some up and carrying them round. He must have shouted “PUMPKIIIN” about a million times and loved pointing them all out.

Pumpkin picking toddle

I did make a rookie error halfway through the day though. I showed him the gingerbread man I was buying him before I’d paid. Well the que in the shop was pretty long and worked war 3 obviously followed when I said he needed to wait till I’d paid!! Oops! After that most pictures featured said gingerbread man until he’d demolished it – he didn’t trust me enough to give it back, haha!

If you’re local ish I’d definitely recommend going to Maxey’s. They’ve still got LOADS of pumpkins so don’t panic! It does get busy I’d recommend getting there early – as we left it was getting crazy busy!!

Theres more to do than just picking pumpkins too. They have a selection of food and drink stalls as well as a really cute little farm shop. They also had 2 giant pumpkin shaped bouncy castles and a mini spooky walk which is really cute for the little humans – Stanley loved spotting all the spooky little additions!

They were also doing tractor rides which was cute but the que was pretty long – it DEFINATELY involved a lot of wondering off, ha!

But all in all we had a fab day and it’s just the perfect autumn activity! Want an indoor autumn activity? Check out this autumn toddler ‘reading’ list! And if you want to see my pumpkin spam in all it’s glory go and give me and Stanley a follow on Instagram!!

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