Making your own Halloween crafts

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Halloween is just around the corner which means we can start looking forward to cosy nights in and wrapped up warm walks where you subsequently retreat to your sofa to cuddle up with a good DVD or your favourite box set on Netflix.

Halloween for most people with children tend to associate this season for trick and treating, where children dressed up as ghouls and ghosts head off into the streets to persuade your neighbours to ply them with candy and sweets.  There is an alternative side of Halloween, of course, for those without children that tend to prefer to batten down the hatches, disconnect the doorbell, and stay in with a great horror film until the inevitable fancy dress party that tends to come as part of the Halloween package.

One thing’s for sure, this time of year is a fantastic time to exercise your creative craft skills – whether that’s by cooking up some tantalising treats or getting out the glue sticks to create outfits and costumes.

There are a number of ways you can make your own Halloween crafts, rather than buy inferior and often exorbitantly priced shop bought alternatives.  That said, if you are short on time these are obviously a convenient option for busy families.

There are many Halloween Crafts you can make in next to no time that add to a sense of celebrating this season, such as carving out a pumpkin with a candle in the middle, which is placed in your front porch… easy, cheap and pretty quick presuming you have some artistic talent, and then there’s the option of creating your own costume, which again can be as simple and effortless as using an old white sheet with a variety of additional components stuck onto the sheet in order to add a little more character and effort to the simple design.

Now, while crafting can be fun for the kids, if you are a big kid at heart and want to engage in something spooky that will engage the grown ups then check out these three adult suggestions (along with a kid friendly alternative, thrown in for good measure – after all, chances are you won’t want to be taking young children to a haunted castle or closed down psychiatric hospital.


There are a number of spooky nights away you could book as a surprise treat for someone special in your life.  Throughout the world, there are numerous haunted hotels that aren’t particularly publicised unless you’re in the know (or do a quick search on Google).  Perhaps you’ve already stayed in one without realising – unwittingly booking a night in a haunted hotel, where you can just feel something’s not quite right.

Then, if you’re looking for something a little more organised, you could head to a tour of a haunted castle or closed down psychiatric hospital (if you’re particularly brave) where you spend the whole night hunting ghosts and trying to connect with spirits… though, perhaps this isn’t one to bring the kids along too!


Have a scary movie night, where you curl up in the duvet with someone special, a few friends, or as a family (there’s safety in numbers) and watch the most creepy films you can stand.  Whilst there are some horror films such as ‘Saw’ that tend to be violent and gory, on Halloween you probably want to watch something a little more creepy than violent to get the full halloween high.

The most important thing, however, is to sit in the dark, or just with a few candles along with some brilliant party snacks.


There are many places in the UK and USA that operate scare based theme parks, known in the trade as “scare attractions”.  In the UK some of the best are found at Tulleys Farm in Sussex and Farmageddon in Lancashire.  Here, you’ll find live actors come out at you as you walk around a horror maze that captures all your senses and taps into a number of fears; for instance, you could be walking around a haunted house full of creepy clowns… an old abattoir with chainsaw wielding people coming to attack you… a creepy graveyard… or through a maze of cornfields.


In addition to trick and treating, you can watch a family friendly scary movie such as Casper or Hocus Pocus, as both these films offer entertainment for all the family whilst not being so frightening your children are going to have nightmares.

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