Teething toddler - matchstick monkey
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Coping with teething

Teething. What. A. Bloody. Nightmare. Does it not make you feel totally useless?! Well, I’m not an expert (clearly lol) and I have lost my marbles in the middle of a teething related tantrum more than once!! But…here’s a few tips that I’ve learnt in the last year or so and that seem to have helped (even if only temporarily….)

1. Matchstick monkey

This little guy is definitely a favourite of ours! Albeit one that Stanley sometimes launches across the living room!! When he is in a more co-operative mood and accepts what I give him this teething toy is definitely a help. Each part of the toy can be chewed and reaches different parts of little one’s gums, and the brush area is great for adding teething gels which aids the pain relief!

Teething toddler - matchstick monkey

2. Dentinox gel

My favourite teething gel – and Stanley’s too! He knows what this bad boy is now and opens his mouth in joy when he sees the tube! It definitely seems to help reduce the initial pain of teething and numbs his gums enough for him to catch his breath mid tantrum and calm down a little.

3. Calpol/ibuprofen

Remember when someone mentioned on This Morning that calpol was becoming ‘heroin for kids’……F*CK right off!!! Calpol is my best friend when Stanley is teething really bad!!! It helps! Honestly! Calpol/ibuprofen helps Stanley settle and nod off if his teething is making him struggle to sleep! Do not underestimate the power of the pink liquid, haha!!

4. Anything frozen, ha!

Seriously. Frozen yoghurts, ice lollies, frozen muslins (soak 3 quarters of a muslin in water, fold into quarters, place in a freezer bag and freeze for a few hours – it will go hard and cold and it’s so satisfying for their little swollen gums!)…when Stanley was first teething I made little frozen ‘buttons’. I used all sorts – carrot purée, apple puree (I mean, we’re talking when Stanley was first being weaning!) – they’re so easy to make! Make your normal purée, then squeeze little drops onto a plastic plate and freeze. They’re perfect for babies to hold onto, and they’re cold enough to satisfy they’re gums but they melt easily too meaning you don’t need to worry too much about your little one trying to eat them! As Stanley got older, I did move more towards ice lolly’s etc and I usually try and make them with juice, with real bits of fruit in their (i.e. chopped up pieces of strawberry, raspberries etc).

5. Ashton & Parsons teething powder

I swear these are like gold dust!!! I get mine from Home Bargains as they’re so much cheaper here than everywhere else I found them! They are amazing! It’s sometimes a bit of a wrestle to get it on his gums – but again, the matchstick monkey comes in handy here – sprinkle the powder onto the brush area and voila!

Toddler teething aid - matchstick monkey

I mean, there’s loads more things that help with teething, and there’s no doubt a million and one things I could learn! Stanley Has most of his teeth now, but teething is still a beast we’re battling!! Any tips for molar teething would be massively appreciated – or is the only way of coping with that one always having a bottle of wine in the fridge?! Asking for friend…haha!!

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