Home improvements – Unique and beautiful bathroom vanity ideas

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As you may already be aware, the bathroom vanity refers to the sink and storage area that surrounds it, which is very much a focal point of the room, and whatever style you are into, the vanity is an essential component that must blend perfectly with the rest of the room. If you are soon to revamp your bathroom, here are some unique vanity ideas to give you some inspiration.

Alcove Vanity – If your bathroom is limited for space and you have a recess or alcove, you can use a sleek wall to wall vanity, with adequate storage space underneath and a full width mirror. This is easy to keep clean, as there are no doors, merely stone shelves under the sink. Check out the elegant selection of Franke bathroom taps to be found at the UK’s leading online home improvement supplier, where you can source everything you need.
A Vintage Furniture Piece – If you have decided on a period bathroom, why not source a vintage piece that is both a sink and storage provider in a single item of furniture? If you are into DIY, source an old desk and you can transform it to be a great vanity that has character. Elegant mirrors can complement the look, as would a Victorian bath tub. If you would like some further reading on how to design your own bathroom vanity, there is an informative article on the subject.
The Corner Vanity – As with the alcove variety, a corner vanity is a real space saver and having two mirrors that meet in the centre, this gives the impression the room is much larger than it really is. As to the materials used, that would depend on the surroundings, but whether modern of contemporary, you’ll find everything you need online. Try to avoid any sharp corners or edges, for safety reasons, and if the room is large enough, you can have a triangular surface in which to set the sink. Stone is an ideal material for a corner vanity, or alternatively, timber also works.
The Floating Vanity – Perfect for a long and narrow bathroom, the floating vanity is attached to the wall, with tailored shelving underneath, or a row of bespoke cabinets, whichever you prefer. This is a great opportunity to test your cabinet making skills and by searching online for examples and sourcing the materials from the leading DIY and Trade website, you can finish the job in a single weekend. If DIY is out of the question, your local builder could work to your design and quote for the project, and by comparing quotes, you will likely save a little.

The Internet can be helpful in several ways – helping to find the right design and alsosourcing the materials – and with a little planning the vanity will be the centrepiece of the room, and as you designed it yourself, it will be unique in every respect. Made to measure solutions ensure a perfect fit and by choosing the right materials, you will have an easy to clean bathroom. You can buy off the shelf vanities, but it is advisable to design your own and purchasing the sink and other materials from an online supplier.

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