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Cosy night in essentials

1 of the reasons I LOVE autumn is when it gets chilly and you can have a cosy night in. As a parent, a night in is pretty much always on the agenda, but that doesn’t meant that sometimes they can’t be made a little bit more special and enjoyable. I love everything about a night in once the weather starts to get colder and the nights draw in, so here’s a list of some cosy night in essentials!


The more the merrier and the cosier the better! I love blankets and throws – I think it’s an addiction. I always want to buy another one and have to reign myself in! Not only are they nice to snuggle under when it’s cold but they just look fab draped over furniture too.


Again, the more there are the better! You can’t beat a load of candles, scented or otherwise. TK Maxx has quickly become my favourite place to hunt for nice candles. They have some great ones that look amazing and they’re always bargains too! This Sweater Weather one is my current favourite – and perfect for autumn/winter too!

Sweater weather candle autumnal night in flatlay

Hot chocolate…

Clearly I wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine, but when it’s cold you can’t beat a nice hot chocolate (and squirty cream just makes it a winner)! I’ve recently found these foams in TK Maxx which are amazing! I love them in coffee, but they take hot chocolates to the next level – so so good!


I mean, obviously. I’m all about snacks for any occasion, but a cosy night in isn’t complete without a decent selection of snacks – ideally within arms length so you don’t have to even move once you’ve settled down! And snacks that can be eaten straight from the packet and not require any pots are also a bonus – no washing up is fiiine with me!


So, you’ve got you’re blankets, drink and snacks sorted…now to waste the next half an hour deciding what the hell to watch and you’re sorted, haha! Aaaand….if you wanted to take your night in to the next level – a projecter * to watch the final chosen film on would be the dream! Can you imagine?!

I’m sure there’s loads more, but now I’ve written this, I just want to grab all of the above and just have myself a cosy night in right now!! I’d love to know what your essentials are for a cosy night in?! Let me know…

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  1. Sounds like the PERFECT night! I’ll come over and we can watch ALLLL the movies!

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      LOVE the sound of that!!!

  2. Blankets and snacks are a must!

    1. Georgia_and_stanley


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