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Five Things September | #fivethingslinky

So, me and Rachael did a little disappearing act last month! Sorry about that! Between mum life, working and holidaying both of us just totally lost track of the days and before we knew it, it was too late! But we’re BACK, and hopefully you’ll all join in this month and let us know what you’ve been up to in September!!

I know it’s one of those things I seem to say every single month but how the f**k are we in October?! What the actual F**K?! Madness – I’m loving the autumn vibes though (and don’t tell anyone but I’m already so frigging excited for Christmas, ha!) Here’s my five things from September (spoiler alert – most of the best things are going to be from holiday, haha!!)

1. Stanley was an angel on his first ever plane journey…

Yep, you read that right! My cheeky toddler was an absolute angel for his first plane ride! He loved it! He shouted wee as we took off, looked out the window then went to sleep, ha! He woke up about 40 minutes before we landed and was just living his best life! Colouring, eating some snacks, looking out the window! He loves flying just like his mummy (luckily he doesn’t take after his daddy cos he’s useless on an aeroplane and there was lots of nervous laughter from him pretending he was ok whenever Stanley caught his eye – hilarious, ahaha! Don’t tell him I told you that though, shhh!)

2. I embraced the mum bod…

I lived my best life on this holiday, and nothing was going to get in my way! I wore what I wanted to wear – and that included crop tops, bikinis and short shorts! F**k it was my general attitude. No I’m not as slim as I used to be, I’ve got a mum tum for sure! But I embraced it all and just had fun – and do you know what I felt so confident! Coming home was strange and I suddenly felt more self-conscious again, but I’m trying to get back to holiday mentality and have more body confidence!!

3. Family time…

It was so nice, after a difficult start of the year and then being plunged into full time work to just have 10 whole days with my little family! No day-to-day worries and just 10 days of chilling and adventures in the sun! It was so much fun. Holidays with little ones aren’t really holidays at all and we were both exhausted when we got back, but my god they’re so much better! Thinking back to everything we did on holiday just makes me so happy! It was also nice as me and Ash got to have some time just the 2 of us, as my parents came on holiday with us. It was nice to go out and do non-parent activities – theme park = yaaasss!!!

4. Afternoon tea…

Stanley still got spoilt when we got back off holiday and I wasn’t ready to let go of the ‘doing fun things all the time’ mentality of holiday. So we took him to have a little afternoon tea and paint a piggy bank at a local tea shop. I was surprised how good he was with the painting. And he’s my child, so obviously he loved his afternoon tea!

5. Autumn vibes…

Yep, I’m loving the Autumn vibes! I love summer don’t get me wrong but nothing beats Autumn in my book! Crunchy leaves, the colours and being able to snuggle up under a massive blanket. I love autumn fashion, it’s so much easier and comfier – give me all the baggy jumpers, leggings and boots!! I can’t wait for loads of autumn walks and adventures with my little dude!!

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