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10 signs you live with a toddler

10 signs you know you’re living with a toddler…

It can’t be denied that toddlers take over your life. And your home. Everywhere you look are signs that they’ve been there. Here’s 10 signs that make it all too clear that you’ve got a little human living in your midst…ya know, just in case you didn’t notice them, ha!

1. Toys everywhere…

I mean, everywhere. Even when I think I’ve tidied them all away I’ll find another one hidden somewhere! I find cars all over the place! I even found a little plastic helicopter in my toilet recently (Stanley has officially learnt how to lift the lid up!)

Toddler chaos

2. You talk in the third person

”Shall Mummy do it for you?” “Do you want Mummy to get you a drink?” “Mummy needs you to sit still.” “Mummy is just going to change your bum, don’t run away.” “Mummy needs a coffee!” I could go on but I think you get the picture, haha!

3. No is the most common word you hear (or shout) throughout the day…

Stanley’s favourite thing is to shout no at me. For everything. Even if he means yes he’ll shout no. Then get angry that he isn’t getting what he wanted. Toddler’s are impossible! Or I find myself shouting no as he tries to play with plug sockets or grab something he shouldn’t be!

Toddler tantrum

4. Silence is not golden…

Silence with a toddler usually means that sh*t is about to get real!! The only time you can enjoy silence with a toddler is when they’re asleep or not in the house! Honestly, if your toddler is quiet…I’d be worried, haha!

5. There are dirty sticky handprints and smears on everything…

My windows are horrendous and covered in sticky fingerprints and probably snot and slobber too seeing as he likes to shove his face against them!! My sofa usually has fingerprints all over them, and there’s constant grubby marks on my walls too!

6. You feel lucky if you get to go the loo alone…

Please. I live in a flat so Stanley can go anywhere he wants. I can’t get to the toilet by myself any more. He’s learnt how to flush the toilet too and it’s his favourite thing. So not only do I have a toddler watching me while I try to have a wee, he’s also trying to push past the side of me to flush the toilet! *rolls eyes*

7. There’s crumbs or half-eaten snacks everywhere…

Everywhere. I have snacks in the bottom of my handbag thanks to Stanley. Down the side of my sofa, in the hallway. He even chucks half eaten snacks in the bath!

Toddler snacks

8. You’re house is never actually tidy…

You could clean and tidy all day. Your home still won’t be totally tidy. Honestly, I feel like I constantly clean and my flat still looks a mess. As I get one area clean, Stanley is trashing somewhere else. Ha!

9. There’s always a mug of cold tea/coffee somewhere…

I’m not joking. It’s not often I don’t tidy up at the end of the day and carry a mug full of gone-cold coffee and pour it down the sink! It’s one of the best things now I’m back at work – YES to hot coffee!!

10. You use baby-wipes to clean everything…

Honestly. You can pretty much guarantee there’s a pack of baby wipes in easy reach. So why wouldn’t you just grab a couple to clean your toddler. Then another to wipe that mark off the sofa. Or the dining table. Hell, let’s just clean the whole flat with these bad boys!

Yep, there’s no denying I live with a toddler!!!

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  1. I loved this post – I don’t have kids, but I remember when my youngest brother was a toddler there were always toys everywhere in the house, it was like walking into a toy store! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog

  2. Stanley is so bloody cute! Wet wipes definitely do clean everything. A lot of these sound familiar, do I have to accept I have a toddler now? She’s a newborn still surely?!

  3. What a little cutie he is! I’d let him get away with anything and everything with that face x

  4. My pal says these things all the time- baby wipes for everything! EVERYTHING! because of her i even keep some in MY car for cleaning or wiping a sweaty face or something and I don’t even have kids! I don’t know how people manage more than one kid- my friend has ten kids! ten kids in 17 years! That’s a lot of cold coffees……

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      10 kids?! Wow she must be superwoman!!

  5. Too Cute! I can relate I live with a toddler. Cute photos. Love this post. It really made my day.

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