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Sun, sea and sleep with MyHummy

*The items mentioned in this post were kindly gifted to us to test by myHummy. However, all the views within this post are my own honest opinions on the product*

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know full well we’ve recently been on our first family holiday (sorry not sorry for the vacay spam!). Oh and if you’re not following us on Instagram yet then go check us out and give us a follow!!

Anyway…I had some major stress about Stanley’s sleep whilst abroad. I wasn’t fussed about routine – holiday and routines aren’t made to mix and that’s fine! It was more making sure we got some sleep in the 10 days we were away!

I was lucky enough to be sent the gorgeous ‘Ash’ bear from myHummy to try a few weeks before we went away, which meant Stanley was used to it before our holiday. I hoped this would mean it was a familiar reminder of home for when he was going to bed.

MyHummy sleep aid

So…what is a MyHummy bear…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of myHummy before. But, just in case you haven’t seen them before! MyHummy bears emit a selection of 5 different types of white noise to aid your little one in getting to sleep and soothing them if they wake in the night. There is a range of noises to choose from including a vacuum, hairdryer, ocean waves, rainfall and amniotic fluid with heartbeat.

The sound automatically fades out after 60 minutes, but thanks to the sleep sensor it reactivates if it senses your little one stir. Or you can choose to set it to play the sound for 12 hours straight. There is also a volume control to adjust the level of the white noise.

There are 2 types of these bears available – original or Bluetooth. With the Bluetooth version you get all of the original features but the bonus of being able to control the bear from your phone! You can download the myHummy app and literally use your phone as a remote control for your myHummy. You can control the sound played, the duration, turn the sleep sensor on or off and even set it to alarm mode to receive a notification to your phone if your baby whimpers or begins to cry. You can even wash the myHummy bear on a 40 degree wash (providing you’ve taken the humming heart out of the bear first).

MyHummy app

The reason I chose the ‘Ash’ bear with the Bluetooth feature was for 2 reasons;

1. Stanley’s daddy is named Ash so I thought it was a cute coincidence (yes I’m that much of a loser, ha)

2. The bluetooth feature meant that I could adjust the settings of the bear without having to go and disturb Stanley – because if he catches me in his room it’s game over!!

MyHummy sleep aid on the beach

Did the MyHummy actually work…

Yes!! Stanley slept like an absolute dream on holiday! Even that very first night, somewhere brand new after a long and confusing day and in the heat, he settled straight away thanks to the familiar and comforting sounds from his myHummy bear.

At home…

The benefits of using the myHummy showed themselves quite quickly. I was surprised as I wasn’t 100% convinced it would work as Stanley was 17 months old when we got the myHummy. I thought it might only really work with newborns – so I was surprised at how quickly the white noise helped Stanley settle.

Now, I don’t want anyone to think it’s a miracle machine!! He still wakes every now and then and even the myHummy bear can’t settle him every time. But every nap time and bedtime the myHummy helps him to settle himself to sleep so much quicker and easier than before. He goes down awake (and sometimes protesting) and almost as soon as I turn the white noise on he seems to calm a little.

My favourite thing is still the Bluetooth feature – if he stirs a little in the night and doesn’t settle straight away, I don’t even have to get out of bed in a rush, I just change the volume or type of white noise and it usually does the trick!

Stanley’s current favourite noise is the rainfall (followed closely by the ocean waves noise – weirdly seeing as he was scared of the waves at the beach for ages and told them to shh, haha!)

MyHummy sleep aid by the sea

The myHummy we were sent retails at £79.99 so it’s not the cheapest and it’s DEFINATELY an investment purchase. I will 100% be holding onto it for the next baby (although if Ash asks I never mentioned another baby, haha!) But if the price tag scares you a little they have a whole range of white noise sleep aids starting from £39.99! I’d DEFINATELY recommend checking out the myHummy website and check out the whole range! And if you want any other tips on getting your little one to try and sleep through night, check out my post on sleep training!

So, if you’re little one struggles to settle themselves or is unsettled through the night I would 100% recommend giving myHummy a shot! Whether you have a newborn or a tricky little toddler, myHummy is more than worth testing!!

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