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Five things July| #fivethingslinky

So, this month’s linky is a little late – life gets in the way sometimes!! I recently got a new job, you can read about my thoughts here! And Rachael was living her best life on holiday with her boys – FYI you should 100% go check out her Insta because the pics have been fab!

So…we’re in August – how is this happening?! Time seems to be really running away from me recently and I’m not sure how to feel about it! But hey ho – that’s a whole other post, haha! Let’s get on with the linky…here’s five things I loved in July…

1. I became a featured blogger on My Bump 2 Baby

This felt like a great achievement for me as I spent July working really hard on my blog and it has definitely paid off. The My Bump 2 Baby app is great and if you haven’t downloaded it I’d definitely recommend it! Have a cheeky look out for me on there, ha!

2. We fully booked Stanley’s first abroad holiday

This was a big surprise for me and I was so excited!! Stanley’s daddy just told me one day “by the way we’re going on holiday” – sorry whaaaat?!! I literally can’t wait I haven’t been abroad for years and I can’t wait to have 10 days off to enjoy Stanley and see what he makes of sun, sea and sand!

3. We got dolled up

Stanley’s aunty graduated from Uni in July and so we got a bit dolled up and went for a meal to celebrate. It was a nice change for both of us to look nice and even nicer to manage to get a decent picture of us both together!

4. I got offered a new job

A biggie for July. It meant a huge shift in mine and Stanley’s routine and it happened very suddenly. I’m still feeling all the mum guilt and not used to working yet but I feel proud that they wanted me for the job and it is nice to be back working towards my career goals again.

5. We played on the ‘beach’

I say ‘beach’ because it’s something the local area sets up in the summer in the middle of the town centre so not a real beach. But it’s great, loads of sand, water, food and fair games! We went and spent some time there in July before I started working and we had a great day! And with the weather being so nice you wouldn’t even know the difference!!

My favourites from last month…

Each month Rachael and myself will display our favourite posts from those who joined in with the linky last month. Here are my favourites from last month…

1. Dear Mummy Bear

We’ve had a couple of picnics but quite a few walks out to the park. I’ve really needed the fresh air and clearing my head recently and it has helped so so much and it’s certainly taken my mind off things which is always a bonus!

I’ve had loads of picnics too – you really can’t beat them in this weather!

2. Prosecco Mum

A husband-free, childfree holiday to Turkey for a family wedding – yes, you heard it right. I went completely solo, no excess ‘baggage’.

So jealous! The pictures looked amazing too!

3. Victoria Austin

I went walking a couple of times at Dawlish and Dawlish Warren, it’s lovely to walk by the sea in the evening (or early morning as we’ve been doing recently as well).

I love a good walk somewhere pretty! I love it when it’s nice weather but a little bit cooler so you can actually just enjoy it!

4. Simply Together

I don’t know if you know, but there is a whole online community of kick ass, amazing mama bears out there who I’m forever blessed to have in my life. We may not have met in person as of yet (maybe one day there will be a meet up) but if I need anything they are there.

Yes!! I’ve got chatting to so many amazing ladies since sharing more of my motherhood journey online and I’m grateful for every single one of them!! I’d love a meet up too – we should definitely arrange a big online meet up, ha!!

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  1. You managed to do so much in July! So pleased for you that you got the job, hopefully it’s getting a little bit easier to drop Stanley off at nursery! Can’t wait to see your posts about your holiday too. #fivethings

    Laura xx

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      I know it was a pretty good month but so so busy!! Thanks beaut ? xx

  2. Thank you for the mention Georgia and congrats on your new job!! I’ve decided to give it a miss this month, with all the hot weather in July I didn’t really do a lot and I don’t really have enough things for a post this month. xx

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      Ahhh sometimes quiet months are the best though!!! 💙💙

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