My toddlers 5 favourite toys
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Toddler play time – my one year olds favourites

Stanley is at a great age at the moment, where he is happy to play on his own (most of the time). He will happily wonder round pushing his cars, or banging instruments or playing with lift the flap books.

Here’s a list of his current favourite things to play with at home!

Igloo Peek-a-boo books

He will sit and play with these for hours! He LOVES them. He squeals with delight when he finds the baby hiding underneath, and they have little sensory additions too, like felt or sand-paper so they can find those too!


I got this little rug from Ikea for £8 and little people and they’re great! He loves to play with his cars and people on the mat and has started to ‘crash’ the cars into each other, ha! Sometimes I do wonder if I have more fun setting the cars and people up on this thing than he does playing with it though!!

Anything musical

If it’s remotely musical he is all over it like a rash! He loves his cymbals, banging on the xylophone, shakers…literally all sorts. He loves music so being able to make his own is a definite win. Not going to lie though – I do hide the cymbals from time to time!

Fisher Price piggy bank

He’s had this for a while now, but he still loves it. He’s really got the hang of being able to get the coins in, which means it talks to him more – which he loves! This is another one that he can play with for quite a while! I love this one too as it has 2 settings with different phrases and it teaches new things. I love that it can grow with him and he can keep learning.


Another one that he hasn’t got bored of yet! He’s quite a little explorer, so anything that he can crawl through or climb on is always a hit. He crawls through this, drags it round with him, picks it up and throws it…all sorts!

Toddler fisher price piggy bank

Toddler reading play

Toddler imaginative play with cars

Stanley never sits still for very long, so there’s so many other things he plays with but these seem to be consistent favourites. What seem to be your little ones go to toys?!

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