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BLW – 5 lunch ideas at home

BLW friendly recipes for lunch at home!

BLW (baby led weaning) is great for little ones to learn how to grip food and to feed themselves. I’ve used BLW for the vast majority of Stanley’s weaning journey and now, at 15 months old, he’s a fab eater and loves feeding himself. I can’t remember the last time I even had to help feed him a meal.

I thought I’d share 5 BLW friendly lunch ideas that are perfect if you’re staying home. Remember, BLW doesn’t mean it has to just be sticks of veg – anything that your little one can pick up and shove in their mouth is fine. Some of these get messy – but that’s why they’re perfect if you’re home for lunch and not out and about.

1. Beans on toast

You just can’t beat it. It’s a classic. Stanley LOVES beans on toast too. It’s great for BLW if you cut the toast into fingers so smaller babes can easily grab at them. It’s also a good one for slightly older little ones to learn how to use a spoon/fork. Stanley loved trying to scoop the beans up – he’s got it cracked now!!

2. “Picky” lunch

Stanley loves this type of lunch, especially if he’s too busy playing and not too fussed about eating as he ca just come and go as he pleases. This is another perfect one for smaller babies that are just getting into their 3 meals a day and might have a smaller appetite. I usually do a mixture of things, sometimes a sandwich in their or some toast or crumpets.

Then I add cucumber (Stanley like it is slices now but fingers are perfect for ‘newbie’ BLWers, cherry tomatoes, peppers etc. Then also some fruit – Stanley’s faves are blueberries, banana, raspberries and apple. He also loves raisins so I add some of those and sometimes I’ll put some crisps too (wotsits or quavers are always a hit). It sounds a lot, but its just little bits and it’s a healthy meal too – I can probably get a full 5-a-day in just with his lunch when I do this!!

3. Jacket potato

These are great to have at home as they do make a mess! But they’re so easy and versatile. Stanley tries to eat his with a fork now, but for younger ones or little ones that aren’t ready to use a fork just yet if you cut it up into bite size chunks they can easily just grab it with their fingers.

We’ve had cheese and beans, tuna and cheese and also chilli that I’d made the night before on jackets before and they’ve always gone down well. I usually serve it with some salad bits again so I make sure he’s getting some veg in their still.

4. Pasta bake

I posted this in my post about what Stanley eats in a day. I did a cheesy pasta bake and it went down a storm! He absolutely loved it. He loves pasta anyway but this was his first taste of a pasta bake – definitely a favourite. And they’re so easy to make. And I always like it when we can both sit and eat the same thing too!

5. Cous cous

Another one that I wouldn’t recommend giving whilst you’re out. Trust me, I tried it. It did NOT end well. But cous cous is another versatile one. You can make a tuna and tomato cous cous, a pulled chicken version or leave it relatively plain and just add ham, peppers and onion in there. It’s super quick and easy to make too.

BLW lunch ideas

So there’s 5 of our favourite at home lunches. What do you feed your little ones for lunch when you’re at home? I’m always on the look out for new ideas to mix things up! I’m going to do another post with some ideas for lunches on the go, so keep your eyes peeled for that too! Or maybe you’re about to embark on the weaning journey? My friend Rachael also wrote an amazing post about tips for weaning for beginners too, I’d definitely recommend giving it a read!

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  1. Great Ideas!! I have used and still do some days the “Picky” Lunch quite often. I think this also helps our little one to develop a diverse palette. 🙂

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      Totally agree! And in the heat we’ve got here at the minute a picky lunch definitely seems to be the winner! ??

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