5 of the most annoying kids tv shows
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5 most annoying toddler tv shows

Toddler TV. We all know the debate about not letting them watch too much. But, sometimes letting the box on the wall do a bit of parenting is a lifesaver, I’m not going to lie! But some of these shows are enough to make me want to bang my head against a wall. Here’s the 5 CBeebies shows I find most annoying!

1. Bing

Uggghhh! This is probably the one I hate the most. That bloody whiney bunny! He literally just kicks off or moans to get his own way. And cries or gets angry if he can’t do something instantly. What a lesson to teach a toddler!! I can’t bare it, so obviously Stanley loves it!

2. Let’s play

It just makes me cringe so much, watching them run around. I know it teaches imaginative play and is good in that sense, but I can’t stand to watch it.

3. Topsy & Tim

Those two just drive me mad. They’re annoying, I’m sorry but it’s true. The programme never really seems to have a purpose and it’s so unrealistic. Luckily its not on too often though!

4. Mr Tumble

Now, I don’t necessarily hate this one. I don’t mind it too much, and I like the sign language aspect. But…the bit that annoys me the most is the way they say certain words…like “styyar” instead of “star”. I’m trying to teach my toddler how to speak and it frustrates me that they say words with stupid added letters in!! Just stop it!

5. Show me show me

Another one that just makes me cringe so SO badly. Chris and Poi should literally be pictured under the word cringe in the dictionary! If you haven’t watched this one, you should do it just to fully understand how bad it really is!!

Do you have any kids tv shows that you just can’t stand? Doesn’t it seem to be that the more annoying the programme, the more toddlers love them?! Luckily there’s some programmes, that don’t irritate me so much and luckily Stanley enjoys playing and exploring so we don’t constantly have kids tv on!!

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