What my one year old eats in a day

Feeding my one year old – what he eats in a day….

Stanley has a BIG appetite. He has done pretty much from day one. He’ll eat pretty much whatever I put in front of him. He is sort of beginning to get that toddler attitude of just launching food across the room – even if he likes it! But still, he eats a lot and I don’t ever panic about what I can feed him. I thought I’d share what Stanley eats in a day…this was from a day last week!


Stanley always starts his day with cow’s milk – usually around 9 or 10 ounces. He’ll usually sit and relax with me while he drinks it while I sip a coffee to try and make myself feel human!

Once he’s done with that he usually has a little play (read: trashes my house in the first 10 minutes of being awake) while I make his breakfast. I fancied a bacon butty, so I did Stanley a little on too. I also did him some Rice Krispies and some banana and blueberries. He also ate another full banana after this!!

BLW breakfast ideas

Mid-morning snack…

Stanley loves a good snack – just like his mama! This changes everyday, but he is loving raisins at the moment. So he had some of those and stole a biscuit too.


This is the meal most likely to just get launched, ha! He’s usually too busy playing or exploring to want to fully focus on his lunch. But, he’ll still shovel more than enough in his gob!! This was a cheesy pasta bake that I’d made the night before – he absolutely loved it. I always serve him with some veg at lunch. He loves cherry tomatoes.  He also had a yoghurt pouch and an orange afterwards. Then he stole half my bag of Skips!

BLW lunch ideas

Mid-afternoon snack

If I’m going to let him have a sweet snack, I usually let him have it as a little mid-afternoon snack. Today he had a Milkybar chocolate bar. He loves a chocolatey snack. I don’t like him having it too often but this kid knows how to find snacks in the cupboard!!! He also grabbed another banana though and ate half.


Dinner is where I usually try and give him the most variety. I love to try new recipes for him, and give him new things to try. Whenever I cook for him, I always make extra portions so I can freeze batches. It makes life so much easier if I’m really busy (or just can’t be bothered) one day to cook a meal from scratch. I can get one out the freezer but I know he’s still eating a healthy, home-cooked meal.

Today he had salmon cous cous and I put some passata and chilli in there for flavour and lots of peas. I served it with a massive bowl of veg too. For another BLW dinner recipe, click here, here or here!

BLW dinner ideas

Just to be clear, by the way! He doesn’t usually eat his meals on the floor. It just happpened that the day I took these pics was the day I decided his high chair needed a deep clean after his breakfast!

So this is an idea of the sort of things I feed Stanley in a day. Although, don’t be fooled into thinking every day is such a good menu! We have fish finger days (which he LOVES) and we have beans on toast days too. Variety is key. And he always gets his 5 portions of fruit and veg (usually more as he’s obsessed with eating bananas!) He eats big portions, makes a mess and nearly always wants more. He’s a growing lad though, so who am I to argue?!

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  1. Aww, sounds like he’s getting a great mix of foods! Also, by the way, he is absolutely ADORABLE and I love watching your Insta stories with him! x

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      He does indeed! And ahhhhh thankyou lovely!! ?? xx

  2. Aww what a cutie! Stanley seems to enjoy his food then and wow he certainly has a great appetite! The food you cook for him is very impressive

    Kate xx

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      He’s got a massive appetite hahaha and ahh thankyou! I try my best for him, but sometimes it is fish fingers and smileys ??? x

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