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Accepting my post-partum body

My search for post-partum body confidence…

Pregnancy is a huge deal. Physically and mentally. The mental side of being pregnant and giving birth and suddenly being a mum is a whole other story. But the physical changes to your post-partum body that you have to deal with when you have a baby are insane, and something that I was 100% not expecting.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect my body to be the same after I found out I was expecting a baby and I didn’t expect to just ‘snap back’ after giving birth. But the way I felt about my body after having a baby shocked me. I felt like I was looking at someone else’s body after giving birth – the body I saw in the mirror was alien and strange. I hated what I saw. There wasn’t one part of it that I liked.

People would say “be proud – you made a baby that’s amazing” or “be proud of your stripes you earned them”. And as nice as people’s intentions are, it means nothing when you feel the way you do about your body. Suddenly, every aspect of your body is different, and (probably) bigger and more wobbly and more marked than before. And how are you supposed to feel? Grateful? Proud? Well, I didn’t.

I couldn’t have hated my post-partum body more if I tried. I cringed or cried if I saw myself in the mirror when I went in the shower. In fact, on more than one occasion in the early days I blubbed like a baby (ironically) in the shower at the sight of my new body. I couldn’t get my head around the amount of weight I gained and the fact that I had still had a belly – I pushed a baby out already so why do I still look 3 months pregnant at 15 weeks post-partum?! (In fact why do I look that way at 15 months post partum?! Ha!)

Accepting my post-partum body is not something that has come to me quickly or easily. There are still days where I look in the mirror and HATE what I see or am instantly drawn to the negative parts of my body. There are days where I get changed 10 times and just decide it’s easier not to go out and have a lazy day at home. Days where I make a vow to myself to stick to Slimming world and lose all that weight. Then there are the days where I look in the mirror and I think “YES! I look good!” Not very often I’ll admit, but those days are great. The days where I leave the house feeling almost confident. The days where I’m not totally self conscious are great.

When it clicked…

One of the days that this clicked for me was when I took Stanley swimming for the first time. I’d been so excited to take him but a part of me was close to not going because I was that self conscious. Yep! I almost didn’t bother with a fabulous experience just because I was worrying what people might think of me in a swimming costume! Ridiculous! And I realised there’s probably hundreds of mums out there feeling exactly the same as me, and that’s not ok.

So I took a photo of myself in my swimming costume and posted it on my Instagram page. Granted, I used Stanley as a comfort blanket but I actually posted a picture where you could see my belly, you could see my thighs (in fact, you can’t miss them, ha!) and you can see my stretch marks. I was nervous posting it but if one self conscious mum saw that and felt better then that’s amazing!! And the response I had from other women and mums over on Instagram was lovely too! I may not be there entirely with my acceptance of my body but this was a huge step. 6 months ago I NEVER would have even considered taking this photo, let alone posting it!

Accepting my post partum body

A big thing when it comes to post-partum body confidence, for me at least, was feeling like I’d totally lost my own sense of style after having a baby. I stopped wearing certain clothes because I felt like I shouldn’t wear them because I was a mum and didn’t have the body for them now. It’s a long process and 15 months down the line, I still feel like I’m finding my feet again. I’m very slowly starting to find my style again and starting to wear what I like and I feel confident and happy in. I’m getting back into make-up more too, which is nice! You can read about my everyday make-up essentials here.

Weight loss hang-ups…

I’ve been following Slimming World on and off for months. I do want to lose weight, I do want to tone up and be prouder of my body. But I find it hard to stick to. The stress of a toddler, of being tired 24/7 and just sheer lack of will power all seem to lead me to being on plan for a few weeks followed by a few weeks of being off plan (and putting any weight I lost back on).


But…I am currently looking at my body and thinking F*CK it! I did make a baby. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was that he was born because I still deal with him every damn day. It doesn’t matter how long ago that happened because my body still did that – I GREW A HUMAN!!! And that is pretty damn amazing. So, yes, there are days where I can’t appreciate that and I despise what I see in the mirror, but I’m only human. But regardless of whether I can see it or not, my body did something amazing.

If any of my mum friends (or any one for that matter, mums or not) told me they hate their body I’d tell them to shut up and that they’re amazing. So it’s time to start living by the words we’d give to our friends!!

We all have our body hang ups, of course we do, but we are who we are and we’ve got to at least try and practise a bit of self love from time to time! How do you feel about your postpartum body? Are you in a place where you can start to accept it?

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  1. You look amazing!! Well done you for posting the photo and writing this post too. Like you say, you are on your toes all the time with a baby, the same as any other mum so who has the time to look at each other to think negative things. You look amazing!
    I felt the same way when I took Emily swimming for the first time. I bought a ‘tummy control’ costume to help. Long gone are my days of strutting around in a bikini! I hate what my body looks like post baby, but I didn’t love it before or during pregnancy either. I am more motivated to do something about it now though because I don’t want Emily to grow up and hear me say negative things about my body all the time because I don’t want her to ever think there’s anything wrong with hers!
    I’m trying to be a bit more healthy with my food and to exercise more, I’m determined to get to a place where I am happy with how I look and to feel a bit more confident.
    Sorry about the huge essay, this was just a really good post! xx

  2. I feel ya mama! I’m still not loving my post baby body. I wrote a post about it a few weeks back! There’s nothing wrong with not liking your body after and baby and no one should make you feel like a bad mother when they tell you that your body made your baby.
    Yes it did, which was magical, but it’s still your body to love or hate!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      So true!! My body is no longer part and parcel with my baby so why can’t I be unsure?! Great way of looking at it!!! ?? xx

  3. Awww, sweetheart, you are beautiful – inside and out! I’m really glad to hear you’ve made progress with how you feel about your body. 🙂 x

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      Ahhhh Ruth! That’s so lovely, thank you so much 🙂 xx

  4. Jo

    I am in the process of blogging about this now. My daughter is 7 months old and I’m still 20 pounds heavier than I was before. My stomach is wrinkly and I have back fat. At first I was mortified. MORTIFIED. I have dieted and worked out and dieted and worked out and exercised and exercised and exercised. Nothing would work and I’d feel even worse. Why can’t I lose the weight? But now, when I look at my daughter, it all is soooo worth it. One day I will be brave enough to post a picture of my new body. But I have certainly embraced it. I grew a human inside of my body and am helping her to grow outside of it. Your blog post helped me feel even better.

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      Yep, it’s a hard feeling to battle!! I’m still trying to lose weight but I’m doing it for me now rather than because I think I should do it to impress other people!! I’m glad the post helped you feel better!!! ???

  5. Love this post! So interesting to read and hear your own personal opinion on this topic. Thanks so much for sharing! xx

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      Ahh, Thankyou so much!! Xx

  6. This is such a great post Georgia! I am so glad that you have come so far and are accepting your PP body more than ever. You look amazing (as i’m sure many have told you) and you have come on such a journey through pregnancy and raising a baby. I love how honest you are in your post, it is refreshing to see honest posts which aren’t all focused on the fastest (read unrealistic) ways to lose weight or change your shape after having a baby!

    Sammy –

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      Ahhh thankyou so much! That really means a lot ?

  7. Love the post! You’ve i spires me to write my own version on my blog, as I have been struggling with the same issue A LOT. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who has these struggles.

    1. Georgia_and_stanley

      Ahhhh that’s amazing!!! I’m so glad! Link me when you post yours I’d love to read it ???

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