Blogging goals July, planning and reaching goals as a blogger. First month blog successBlogging

July blogging goals

June blogging successes… So I thought I’d start of by sharing my goals and successes from June. This was my first month of being self-hosted and I honestly can’t believe how much difference it’s made to my motivation! If you’re debating going self-hosted, read about my experience – I’d definitely recommend you take the plunge! So at the beginning of …

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5 reasons toddlers drive you crazyParenting

5 reasons having a toddler drives me crazy

Let’s be honest. We can all say how much we love being a mum till the cows come home. But some days are bloody tough. Some days you want to scream and rip your hair out! And maybe hide in kitchen sneakily stuffing some biscuits in your gob before they come to find you! Toddlers can be angels but they …

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Stikets growth chart nurseryReviews

Growing Tall With Stikets

* We were kindly sent this height chart in exchange for an honest review * What is Stikets? Stikets is a business that was born when a Mum noticed a problem with belongings getting lost and decided to look for a solution. That’s where their name tag stickers, hanging loops and iron on labels came in. Since 2010, Stikets has grown …

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What my one year old eats in a day

Feeding my one year old – what he eats in a day…. Stanley has a BIG appetite. He has done pretty much from day one. He’ll eat pretty much whatever I put in front of him. He is sort of beginning to get that toddler attitude of just launching food across the room – even if he likes it! But …

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Self-hosted bloggingBlogging

Self-hosted blog – my experience

*this post contains affiliate links, where I can earn commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you * Making the decision to go self-hosted I started my blog as a hobby, something to focus on while I was on maternity leave. I set up a site and thought I was happy with it. But as …

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Sleep trainingParenting

Sleep training | How I got my one year old to sleep through the night

Have you ever wondered whether you can die from sleep deprivation?! Then you need to read this… So, every parent has been there – your baby just won’t sleep through and you seem to see more of them at night time and in the early hours of the morning than you do in the daytime. You’re not sure how you …

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Young mum with newborn sonMum life, post-partum experiences

Accepting my post-partum body

My search for post-partum body confidence… Pregnancy is a huge deal. Physically and mentally. The mental side of being pregnant and giving birth and suddenly being a mum is a whole other story. But the physical changes to your post-partum body that you have to deal with when you have a baby are insane, and something that I was 100% …

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Make-up flat layBeauty, Mum life

My current make-up bag staples

My everyday make-up essentials… Mum life often means that I don’t have time to focus fully on my make-up routine in the morning. Doing my make-up at my dressing table actually means wrestling my make-up brushes out of my toddlers hands and trying (and failing) to stop him from dragging his fingernails through my highlighter palettes!!   But, here’s my …

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Meatball recipe baby led weaningrecipes

Homemade meatballs

Homemade meatballs and sauce Another easy recipe that’s perfect for baby led weaning, and one that went down well with Stanley too (although he’s got his mama’s appetite so he’ll eat pretty much anything!!) I just cut the meatballs in half for Stanley, but they’re easy to cut into smaller pieces too if you want to try this with smaller …

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Five things linkyFive Things Linky

Five things may | #fivethingslinky

Five things linky – May I’m so excited to be writing my first five things post for our new #fivethingslinky – I hope you’ll join in with the linky!  Still not sure what it is? Read my previous post announcing and explaining #fivethingslinky. So….here’s five things I loved in May…. 1. I went self hosted! This was a biggie for me …

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