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When I was a perfect parent…

Go back a few years ago…way back before Stanley was here, before dirty nappies and night feeds. Before sleepless nights and a whole new level of stress that comes with having a baby. Back when I was a ‘perfect parent’ Here’s just a few things I said in my pre-baby ignorance of the reality of my mum life now!

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1. Co-sleeping? Never!
HA! Stanley ended up in bed with me pretty much every night for months (and months!) because he just wouldn’t sleep! Yes, for a long time it made me so nervous I struggled to sleep anyway. But once I got used to it, it was great and I loved it – and it was the only way to get any shut eye. And trust me, when you’re in the deep pits of sleep deprivations you will do ANYTHING to get some sleep!

2. The baby will sleep in their nursery at 3 months old (because they’ll be sleeping through by then right?)
Yep, Stanley was sharing a room with me until he was about 7 months old – I even moved his cot out of the nursery into my room! I couldn’t bring myself not to have him right next to me and even when I did put him in his nursery I hated it at first! Trust me when I say though – that has 100% changed and I LOVE not sharing a room with that noisy, fidgety little sleeper now, ha! And don’t get me started on the whole sleeping through sh*t, that’s a whole other blog post!!

3. I’ll fill in a baby book everyday and document every moment.
I started off really well and then exhaustion set in and baby brain took over and before I knew it, 3 months had flown by and 2 were blank. Right now I would say his baby book is probably only 50% filled. (I will get it done one day – maybe as his 18th birthday present, paha!). It’s one of the reasons I love my Instagram page – it’s great to look back on my everyday memories as he grows.

4. I won’t be a parent that posts photos of my kid all the time.
Pahahaha! Well. I post on Instagram ever day and set up a blog about mine and Stanley’s life! I just can’t get enough of taking photos of him and I’ve really enjoyed sharing our journey. I’ve made some great friends through doing Instagram and my blog. And like I mentioned before, it’s all a great way of preserving memories – not just the photos themselves but what I write, how I was feeling day to day as Stanley grows up.

5. I won’t become a hoarder of baby items.
Well yet again, that’s hilarious – I still have my pregnancy test because I can never bring myself to bin it (don’t judge, ha!). I really struggle to get rid of anything remotely attached to Stanley. I think it’s another reason I take so many photos – then, even if I have to get rid of things, I have the memory of it saved instead. I’ve saved a selection of clothing from each age range he’s been in up to his first birthday and I eventually plan on making them into a big patchwork memory blanket!

6. I’ll love every single second of being a mummy and won’t let it get me stressed/frustrated.
Don’t get me wrong, I love being Stanley’s mum more than anything but my god it is damn hard work! I get frustrated pretty much everyday and most days at the minute is a countdown to bedtime come 6pm. How naive was I to think I could do this without getting stressed out. I’m the biggest stress head going – I was even before I had a baby so I really should have known better! I stress every single day but I saw this recently and I absolutely LOVE it:-

Ahhh….I was SUCH a perfect parent before I had a baby, ha!

What have you found totally different since having a baby – were you a perfect parent? Or maybe you haven’t had a mini human shatter your vision of yourself as the perfect parent just yet, ha! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Georgia xo


  1. Love it ! #blogcrush

  2. Oh so true post. I wish I could have recorded every moment most of all I think but I guess as bloggers we capture more than most. My big things was they would only have wooden toys and have really strict limits on access to television and only have sweets once a week. None of those lasted long at all. We do our best and it is reassuring that if we are concerned, we probably are at least good enough parents #BlogCrush

    1. Hahahahaha yes on the tv thing and bribing them with food ?? just anything to survive the day now isn’t it?!!! ???? we are all doing our best it’s so true ??

  3. Gee

    Omg these are all so true ?. I had a baby book with my first that I did wrote quite a bit in, with my second I think her first page was filled in and then cast aside onto the bookshelf where it has stayed for 2 years now haha!

    1. So funny isn’t it?! ??

  4. God, I’ve been there! Such a great relatable post to read

  5. This is so me! I do everything completely different to how I imagined it years ago x

    1. So funny isn’t it?! Xx

  6. Lucy At Home

    Haha yes it’s so easy to be a parent when you don’t have any kids isn’t it! I get so annoyed when I get emails from people asking to guest post on my blog and it says “I’ve written a post on how to wean your baby. I don’t have any children of my own but I’m an aunty and I look after my nieces a lot.” Sometimes I feel like emailing back and saying “Trust me – you have no idea!” Hahaha. But then I think we all did it – we all thought we knew what parenting would be like until it actually hit us square in the face! Great post! #blogcrush

    1. Hahahha yes!!! Not a clue until you’ve got one of your own! ???? xx

  7. Jo

    Looooove this!

    1. Georgia_and_stanley


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