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Stanley is one…

My boy is now a one year old! I’m still struggling to wrap my head round it, but Stanley seems to have flicked the switch from baby to toddler in the blink of an eye! Suddenly, he is walking more than he crawls, pointing for things that he wants and brings me things that I ask for.

His vocabulary is exploding – he can say so many things now it blows my mind! I think so far we have mumma, dada, cat, dog, dirty, stinks, stop, woof woof and roar…..there’s probably more that I haven’t even picked up on yet too or that I can’t think of as I’m writing (sleep deprivation and baby brain is doing nothing for my already terrible memory, ha!) He shakes his head to say no now a lot too – its a new favourite ha! He knows what he wants and points and shouts until I figure it out for him.

The Sunday before his birthday was party time for Stanley, and it happened to fall on Mothers’ Day which I loved. I mean, what better way to celebrate Mothers’ Day than to celebrate having my boy for a whole year?! His party was lovely, Stanley was surrounded by family and friends and was just walking round the house making sure he ‘mingled’ with everyone at the party – his hosting skills are on top point!

My clever Mum made Stanley’s birthday cake for him and I loved it. The topper was from a fabulous Instagram business called LucyRose Party – I would definitely recommend that you check them out if you have any events coming up!

Baby boy’s first birthday cakeBaby boy’s first birthday cake

His gorgeous outfit is from Forever Sewing, another small business and honestly, the quality is INSANE! I received so many compliments on Stanley’s party outfit, it fits perfectly and I’m so pleased with my purchase. Another Instagram business that I would defiantly recommend.

 One year old, personalised romper

The night before Stanley’s birthday I got really emotional – I just couldn’t believe a whole year had passed already and that my baby was growing up so quickly. I did get over it, with the help of a glass of wine and a (broken of course) sleep! For Stanley’s actual birthday we went to The Deep, which is an aquarium in Hull. Thankfully Stanley slept pretty much the whole journey there and so woke up in a great mood! We took him on his Little Tikes trike which I got him for his birthday, and he loved being on it. The Deep is defiantly a place I would suggest visiting if Hull is somewhere you can get to. It’s worth the drive if you’re a little further away (we travelled from Nottingham). For the price of the ticket you get a free one year pass so you can visit again for free! There’s load of different fish to look at, and not to mention the penguins! There’s interactive activities on the way through too which are perfect if you have slightly older children, and the end there’s a little free soft play section which Stanley loved. (This is not an ad at all, I just love sharing places that me and Stanley have loved!)

One year old at aquariumMother and son at aquariumLittle tikes trike, the deep hullLittle tykes trike

Stanley’s birthday outfit is yet another small business, called Cribstar. Again, the quality of this romper was incredible and I have now purchased several of their rompers for him.

Again, none of the small businesses I’ve mentioned have requested that I do this, I just love to support small businesses when their products are so fab!

I absolutely loved celebrating my little boy’s first year and I can’t believe how far he has come. And not just him either, I’ve grown so much in his first year and learnt so many things! I previously wrote a blog post covering some of those lessons which you can find here! I’m now excited to see what the next year of Stanley has is in store and the adventures we will go on!

What did you do to celebrate your little one’s first birthday? Did you find it emotional that a whole year had passed so quickly?


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  1. The pictures are so cute!!!! Adorable! great blog post lovely! xxx

  2. Oh I love The Deep I’ve been there tonnes, we live very close! Happy birthday to your little Stanley, I can’t believe how fast it goes. My Theodore is already three months and that is absolutely crazy I can’t even wrap my head around it!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    1. It is fab!! And YES!! It does it flies by!!! Xx

  3. ohlunablog

    Awh Georgia he looks adorable! It’s so emotional when they have their first birthday isn’t it?! Imogen is 2, in less than 2 months and I’m so nervous. He seems to speak about the same amount of words as her aswell which is amazing (she’s behind with her speech). I hope you had a lovely mothers day sharing it with him. I’ve heard so much about the deep but it’s a bit of a drive for us. Seems like a great place for kids though!

    Lisa |

    1. Ahhhh I can’t imagine Stanley being 2! I have had people say though that it flies even quicker from 1-2 than it does from birth to one too?!! Oh yeah he is a proper little chatter box (I don’t know where he gets it! ???) and it is a bit of a drive for us too but I went to uni in Hull so we knew the area it was a fab day for Stanley! Xx

  4. Great pics! He sounds like he had an amazing birthday. Love that your supporting small businesses too. ? ?? xxx

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