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11 month update…

Another month gone and it’s the last update before he turns one! I’m trying not to become a complete emotional wreck (I’m definitely failing) at the thought of him being a whole year old – I honestly don’t know how this has happened!

The time is running away from me and even though I feel like I say it every time, he really is getting so much more independent. His confidence is growing massively and he has started walking more and more and letting go of things more frequently. He wants to do things for himself now rather than me doing it all for him – the main one being feeding himself which causes some hilarious messes in the house and all over him!

His new words are ‘stink’ and ‘dirty’ which I just find hilarious and when he says stink he waves his hand in front of his nose, ha! It’s just so funny and I just think he seems like such a stereotypical boy at the minute. He has also been saying ‘dop’ which I think is dog as he always shouts it at my mum and dad’s dogs when he wants to play with them.

This month Stanley also had his first Build a Bear experience, which was great fun (I definitely enjoyed it more than him) and he of course got a Paw Patrol teddy. It’s one of those things that are really small things but such a great experience for little ones. He even got to stand on the pedal and help stuff the teddy himself.

We had lots of playing and exploring and it’s been another great month of learning and fun. He is turning into much more of a toddler and a little boy by the day and I am loving watching him grow!

We also got chosen to Brand Rep a gorgeous Instagram company called Along Came Ollie (you definitely need to go and check them out, and use code STANLEY10 if something catches your eye, which I’m sure it will!)

And turning 11 months old fell on pancake day too! So Stanley got to celebrate his first pancake day and turning 11 months old in style. And yes, he ate the lot, ha!

Can’t believe that the next update I write will be after his first birthday, it is crazy! Party planning is underway now, what did you do for your little one’s first birthday?



  1. The Mindful MD Mom

    What a cute baby! Thanks foe sharing your parenting journey with all of us. It’s definitely an experience and I am glad we are learning along the way!

    1. Ahh thankyou! It definitely is an experience, everyday is a learning curve! Thanks for reading.
      Georgia x

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