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Our favourite bath time products…

1. Bedtime bubble bath

I love the Johnsons one, it bubbles up really nicely but in all honestly I often look at the price tag and can’t justify spending that much on a bit of bubble bath. I bath Stanley every night so they don’t last long. So I started trying other brands, including Tesco and Asda and they are both amazing. I have to say I think I prefer the Tesco one to the Asda but they both smell great and both bubble up just as good as the Johnsons one – and they’re a fraction of the price! Winner!!

2. Nuby bath toy

This little toy is great. It was a Christmas present off one of Stanley’s grandparents’ – it’s so simple, but Stanley loves it. You get a little pouring jug and when you put water in the top the eyes spin round, it squirts out water and spins the little mill at the bottom. It also has a little sucker on the back so it can be stuck to the side of the bath, but sometimes he likes to have it in the water with him to just play with as he can spin the mill himself. It really catches Stanley’s attention – he also loves banging the little jug on the side of the bath to make as loud a noise as possible – he’s such a cheeky little monkey! If you want to get a new toy to try with your little one for bath time, I would definitely recommend this one.

3. Asda hooded bath towels

These towels are so soft and cosy – we’ve used the towels from Asda since he was born and I love them. They are so affordable and such good quality. He’s starting to get a bit too big for them to fully wrap round him now though and his little feet dangle out the bottom! I need to try and find some new towels for him I think – so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

4. Johnsons talcum powder

Classic product and I love it. It makes him smell like a proper little baby and makes him so fresh and dry ready for bed.

So these are all such simple, affordable products but I absolutely love them all. They make bath time a lot nicer and more fun for Stanley and they will always be my go to products. I absolutely adore bath time, he loves splashing around in the bath before bed and then gets to get all nice and snuggly ready for some sleep (hopefully!). What are your favourite bath time products?


P.s this is not an ad, just some products I use every day and really like!

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