Christmas tradition: Christmas Eve Box

Hi lovelies,

I have always loved Christmas, and now I am a Mummy I love it even more as I can start all the lovely Christmas traditions to make Christmas magical for someone else. I am aware that some people will think it is silly to start some of these traditions when he is only 9 months old, but I think it will be lovely when he is a bit older to show him pictures and for him to see that these have been part of every Christmas he has ever had. And besides…magic knows no age!!

One Christmas Tradition I LOVE is Christmas Eve boxes. My Mum and Dad did something similar when I was little. We would be sat in the living room on Christmas Eve, when all of a sudden the doorbell would ring and we (myself and my 2 little sisters) would be sent to the front door to see what it was. To our surprise (every year ha!) some little gifts would be on the doorstep, delivered by Santa’s elves. Obviously it would always include nice fresh new pyjamas to get cosy in. I always remember how magical and exciting it was and so I really love the new spin of a Christmas Eve Box.

How I made it
I have decided to do Stanley a little grey crate to fill with goodies. It is wooden so means it can be brought out every year which I love. It was from Poundstretcher and cost me £7.99. It was already grey which saved me a painting job too!

I hand wrote the words and used a paint pen to make sure they were nice and neat as I thought using a paint brush would make it more difficult.

I then found this gorgeous little bell from Wilkos. It says 2017 on it for his first Christmas and was just a pound! My favourite Christmas film is The Polar Express and this just reminds me of that and so I thought it would make a lovely, magical addition to his Christmas Eve Box. I didn’t really want to see where I’d stuck the bell onto the crate and so I got this nice bow (from the Card Factory) and attached it over the top. I think it adds a little something extra and makes it look much nicer.

I’m really pleased with how it looks overall and glad I went for a crate as bigger things can fit in as there’s no lid to try and fit on. For example, the elf (which you’ll see in a picture below) I would have struggled to fit into a box with a lid with his pyjamas too. I also think this style will grow with him really nicely. I’m sure there will be some people that hate that it isn’t 100% perfect – the writing might not be spot on in places and the star could probably be more symmetrical. But for me, those imperfections make me love it more because it is hand made and so much more special and personal.

What’s inside?
So, if you follow me on Instagram or read some of my previous posts, you’ll probably have seen that I am avoiding giving Stanley chocolate until his first birthday (I did a DIY advent Calendar instead with his snacks and little finger puppets etc. Also if you don’t follow me on Instagram – give me a follow to see our daily antics!). So, there’s no chocolate in this years box, but instead I’ve popped in a pack of Heinz chocolate flavour biscotti as his snacky item.

There is also a book and I got ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’…perfect for his bedtime story on Christmas Eve. I found this in Poundland, so was really happy with that little bargain.

Then I got a Christmas edition Paw Patrol DVD. He loves Paw Patrol so I thought it’d be nice to snuggle up and watch this together throughout the day. Again, this was relatively cheap (just £4.99 from B&M).

The next thing I have in here is this GORGEOUS elf from The Paperpress Ireland over on Instagram. It’s personalised for Stanley’s first Christmas and can come out every year. He’s such a cute addition to Stanley’s Christmas Eve Box and he’s HUGE. Like I said, I think I’d have struggled to fit him in a box with a lid.

I am also putting his Christmas card from me and Ash and a key in for Santa as we don’t have a proper chimney. This was another bargain buy from Poundland and comes on a little wooden plaque with a lovely message to Santa. This is something else that can be saved and reused each year and just goes to show that these magical little touches don’t have to cost a fortune. We also have a lovely bottle for Santa’s milk (yet another Poundland bargain) and a plate from Home Bargains, which can be personalised, for treats for Santa and Rudolph.

And finally….this beautiful pyjama set from Primark. You get the pjs, dressing gown and teddy for £11!! They’re so cute and I love this style for Christmas. And if you cant have lovely new pyjamas at Christmas, when can you?! I’m also on the hunt for some matching ones for me and my boyfriend too – he’s less than impressed at the idea, but it’s Christmas so he can’t really say no can he?!

Are you guys doing Christmas Eve boxes this year? What other little traditions do you like to do on Christmas Eve?


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