Christmas tradition: The Stocking

Hi lovelies,

So a little Christmas tradition to discuss….the Christmas stocking. The stocking in your room that Santa magically fills is so iconic to Christmas that it cannot be ignored, not even for a totally unknowing baby.

I don’t have anywhere in my living room to hang stockings from and so I wasn’t too concerned about Stanley’s stocking matching my colour scheme. My Mum got Stanley this cute, personalised Stocking from Studio and it will be in his nursery ready for Santa to fill.

But what do you put in a stocking for a 9 month old? Well here’s what is going in Stanleys if you need any inspiration…

1. Apple Biscotti
Just a nice snacky item. I’m sure you know by now I haven’t given Stanley chocolate yet but obviously this could be switched out for chocolate if you’re little one has it. Stanley loves these biscotti biscuits and they are something I would buy anyway so it is easy enough to just chuck in his stocking.

2. Plastic bath toys.
These are just an extra little present for his stocking. I can’t remember where I got these from but they were only £1 and he’ll love splashing about in the bath with them.

3. Christmas socks
Well they’re cute and you’ve got to get socks at Christmas right?! These ones are from Next if you like them too!

4. Dummies
They’re small enough to fit in the stocking and you can never have too many as they always seem to vanish.

5. Toothbrush
Just because it’s another stocking essential and he’s chewed his current one down pretty well so will definitely be in need of a new one soon anyway.

And that’s it – keeping it quite simple as it is just an extra little something. I love Christmas stockings and this year Stanley’s is pretty much just full of things he would have needed anyway so I’ve managed to kill 2 birds with 1 stone really – winning! What do you guys put in little one’s stockings? Only 8 more days to go eeeeek!!!


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