Stanley’s 9 month update…

Hi lovelies,

So as I have only recently started my blog, this is the first update post I have done. I cannot believe that my little boy is already 9 months – it’s true what they say about time flying once you’ve had a baby!! I thought it would be lovely to start sharing updates about new things he’s doing (for you but also for me to look back on – although I do have a gorgeous baby memory book that I write it all down in, I LOVE keepsakes like that!)

19lb 4oz. Isn’t it funny how sharing a baby’s weight seems so important?! Haha! I saw something on the internet a while ago that said you never see a post saying ‘this is Stanley, he’s 21 and weighs 12 stone!’ – it really made me laugh. When does sharing their weight stop then?!

He currently has his 2 bottom teeth through and the 2 top are trying to cut through at the moment. The gums are super white now, I’m hoping they won’t take much longer, he’s definitely feeling them bless him. And bless me too because I am just constantly covered in dribble at the moment and should probably take out shares in teething gel!!

What is he doing now?
He’s been crawling for almost 3 months now, but he’s really got some speed on him now. He also likes to do a ‘bear crawl’ on his hands and feet which is just so funny to watch! He is constantly on the move and will very rarely sit still for more than 30 seconds!

He is sofa surfing a lot more now too. This has definitely started happening in the last month or so. He’s been pulling himself up and tentatively cruising it for a while, but he is so much more confident in his movements now and happy to be up on his feet (as long as he has something to hold onto. If I try and let go of him while he’s up on his feet, he just bends his knees and crawls away ha!). You can see him calculating whether his arms can stretch far enough to grab the other sofa or something else to grab onto before he makes his move. (The pic obviously has toys ALL over the place – just keeping it real ha!!)

He LOVES walking with his walker though! And like his crawling, he got the hang of it quite quickly and the last month has seen him grow in confidence with this and pick up some speed. He has also started working out that when he reaches the end of the room he has to turn around. He can’t quite turn the actual walker himself yet, but he walks his body to one side and then looks over to me or his Daddy and waits for us to go and turn him around so he can walk back again.

He can say Mama, Dada and Katie (one of his aunty’s, although he is pretty stingey with it and doesn’t say it willy nilly – he definitely makes his aunts work for it haha!). He also seems really close to saying hiya. We say it to him all the time and he has been imitating the pitch that we say it and making the ‘ya’ sound at the end.

He knows that we wave when we say hiya or bye and now loves to wave to people. This has been something he has learnt in the last month and seems to have mastered it now. What is it about a baby waving to you that is just so bloody cute?! He has really found his hands in the last month and has also recently learnt to clap his hands. He loves doing it and always looks really pleased with himself when he does.

He has also learnt to play Peek-a-boo! H eabsolutely loves playing, and crawls behind the curtain until you play it!

I can’t believe how quickly 9 months has flown by and how much he has learnt in such a short space of time. Every day now sees him learn or master something new and I can see my baby slipping away and turning into a clever little toddler. It’s so bittersweet when they learn new things – obviously you get excited but it’s also the start of them being more independent and less reliant on you.

Have you got little ones learning new things at the moment? How do you feel when they master something new? I’d love to hear from you.


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