Birthday celebrations

I turned 24 on November 29th and thought I’d just do a quick post to share my celebrations with you all.

I was thoroughly spoilt first off! In fact I’m writing this post on the new iPad Pro that my boyfriend got me. But he did a card with Stanley that really stole the show! The picture above was him making sure it was all ready to give me and he’d spelt mummy right ha! But just look at the card…

It was done on Funky Pigeon and blew me away a little bit – I won’t lie I definitely cried!! It’s definitely a keeper. We had a nice chilled out morning (as chilled out as it can be with an 8 month old running riot anyway) and then went for a nice autumnal walk at Rufford Abbey in the afternoon. They had decorated for Christmas and it looked amazing. The grounds are gorgeous, and as we don’t go there too often it felt really special.

Talk about getting in the festive spirit. My birthday was a nice relaxed affair with my little family. It’s crazy just how different birthday celebrations are when you’ve got a baby but it was perfect! I was thoroughly spoilt, ate too much cake and chocolate and definitely went to bed happy.

The next day was shopping spree day with my Mum though! I was baby free (he spent the day with my Dad) and so me and Mum took advantage and found a nice fancy little french restaurant to head to for lunch.

If you live in or near to Nottingham then you NEED to try Bistrot Pierre. It is definitely my new favourite place to eat – everything was gorgeous; the food, the decor, the atmosphere was all just amazing.

I’ve never done a proper ‘review’ of anywhere before but I needed to share this place. The amount of times I’ve walked past it and not even noticed is crazy – I will definitely not be doing that again. Me and Mum went for the 2 course lunch option. The choice was incredible but I went for slow-braised beef for my main and a creme brûlée for dessert. I mean, you know food is good when you literally sit there mouthing “oh my god” as you eat!

I cannot even describe to you how damn good that creme brûlée actually was. Literally to. Die. For. Not great for any attempt at losing weight but hey – if you can’t eat indulgent food for your birthday when can you?!

All of my birthday money got spent in Primark of course!! When you’re trying to live on maternity pay and your entire wardrobe is in need of an update it really is the best option. Getting to go out and spend money on myself and not just on new sleepsuits or socks for an 8 month old was a great feeling.

All in all, i really enjoyed my birthday celebrations. They definitely are much different now I’m a Mummy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. What’s your idea of a great birthday celebration?


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