And so it begins…

Hi there! Welcome to my brand new blog, thanks so much for stopping by. In case it wasn’t completely obvious, I am a complete beginner at this whole blogging malarkey. So please be kind and be patient with me!

I thought my first post would be a great place to just say hi and introduce myself a little. I’m Georgia, I’m 23 (although my birthday is in a couple weeks – wahoo!) and I am currently on maternity leave with my first baby; my gorgeous son Stanley.


He is almost 8 months old and is crawling, climbing (up EVERYTHING!) and can walk using his walker. He has already said Mama, Dad and Katie (one of his aunties) – he is a little chatterbox just like me! He is a constant ball of energy and never wants to sit still. Even in his sleep he’s all over the place, up and down his cot. But I wouldn’t have him any other way (even if my eye bags are slowly taking over my entire face haha)!

I have a Masters degree in Law and would love to become a family lawyer one day. Falling pregnant with Stanley unexpectedly with Stanley hit the pause button on this dream, but has definately not stopped my ambition. If anything it has made me more determined to succeed so I can provide a better life for him and show him that he can be anything he wants to when he grows up!

I never thought I’d ever start a blog and chat about my life, but I love writing and I really enjoy sharing our days on Instagram (go and give us a follow if you don’t already!) so a blog seemed like a bit of a natural progression. I don’t have a fancy style or any magical tips to offer, but I am a real, honest (rambling), young first-time mummy sharing her crazy journey!

Forever winging life and motherhood and now blogging too I guess! I hope you enjoy reading my future posts and please subscribe and head over to my Instagram page for daily baby spam!



  1. Nice write up… congrats on the baby…maternity leave at 8 months…??? wow… here we only get 3 months for leave…

  2. Welcome to first time Mummyhood and the blogosphere – and not to be pushy or anything but I await the day that you announce proudly that Stanley finally says ‘The Ed!’
    Have some bloggy queries? Feel free to ask. 😀

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  3. First off I want to say you have a very cute baby!!! Now, welcome to the blogging world ? great introduction when I first wrote my first blog post I was so excited to start writing that I forgot to write and introduction post oops!!! Any way I hope you enjoy blogging. ? I am a new blogger and would love some feedback it would be appreciative. https://cleverbehavior.wordpress.com/

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